An important question: based on the history of your congregation, do you think it likely that everyone will one day come to die?

Another important question: do you think people who give generously in life would want to stop being generous at their death?

A third important question: how would people give to your church in their death?

Unfortunately, many churches have given this matter little thought. The baby-boom generation will soon transfer 68 trillion dollars ($68,000,000,000,000) toward the people and causes they value most. The church will receive almost none of these blessings. For years we provided folks a way to give each week through the offering plate. Occasionally, we gave them a way to give a larger gift to a building or capital campaign. Now, in their death, we have done nothing to give them an avenue to bless God’s work. No plan. No conversations. No information. No gift planning advice or tools.

It’s time your church said, “No more.” We must give our people a way to bless God’s Kingdom with all they have accumulated during their lives. We are robbing people of the chance to offer their assets to the mission they have loved in their life. Just as bad, we are robbing our congregations of valuable gifts that make a strong difference in our ability to do ministry.

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Glenn Howell
Director of Development
United Methodist Foundation of Indiana